Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Utility, Recreation and Community All Brought Together in Cheadle Hulme

The Moxie Mingle Networking group and I Love Bramhall were founded by Wendy, who is now the driving force behind the I Love Cheadle Hulme website. ILoveCheadleHulme.com is a website dedicated to all things Cheadle Hulme including the doctors, dentists, shops, child care, schools, beauty, health, hairdressers, cafes, restaurants, solicitors, travel, churches, public transport, venues and a lot more.

The website is not only a combination of news about the happenings of the suburb, including local reports of incidents but also contains the cultural happenings which bring the community together. It can be accessed by all to gain information about the place, from the various Shops in Cheadle Hulme to the numerous options of hairdressers or estate agents through travel agencies as well. The portal gives information not just about the founders and contributors for the listed information but also splits the information into three easy to navigate divisions as well. These divisions are features, directory and community. The primary aim served by the website www.ILoveCheadleHulme is to refurbish a spirit of harmony and togetherness in the area, which is the true essence of any community.

The information listed and the updates all come from a source that has been a part of the Cheadle Hulme community for a long time. Kate Godfrey got involved in the project led by Wendy almost immediately and with great fervour as she not only lives in Cheadle Hulme but has grown up and studied in the area, and now has kids studying in the same school. From being an alma mater of its junior and high school to being an active and enthusiastic member of the community, her involvement ensures that the website and its listings are absolutely authentic and at the same time continuously updated on a regular basis. 

Any related information you have, you just need to get in touch with them by visiting the site, and you will then realise that you have entered a world of ease and comfort, and you can also subscribe to the monthly newsletter for access to all kinds of information about everything Cheadle Hulme. Simply click on www.ILoveCheadleHulme.com to gain access and become knowledgeable about this lovely place.

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